Breaking Stereotypes: “Non-stereotypical” Social Campaign Project!
22/11/2023, 12:11h

Breaking Stereotypes: “Non-stereotypical” Social Campaign Project!

Martyna Pacak, a research student at Jan Kochanowski University, led the social campaign “Non-stereotypical” to break gender stereotypes, particularly in children.

The objective of this project was to promote gender equality, raise awareness, and reshape societal perspectives by breaking gender stereotypes prevalent in public consciousness, in Poland.

Martyna’s social campaign, which was born from her thesis, carried out a survey in response to society’s voice, which says that gender stereotypes about children (and subsequently adults) are erroneous and harmful beliefs.

🔍 Research Insights: The survey, which included 1,056 parents and 317 students, revealed a glaring truth – 89.3% of parents believe that gender stereotypes persist. 26.7% of them define it as exclusive to one gender. Surprisingly, 75.8% consider stereotyping negative.

🚀 Results and Conclusions: Pink for girls, blue for boys? 26.3% of parents and 16.5% of students agreed. However, 83.2% of students see stereotyping as negative, indicating a generational shift.

To learn more about the non-stereotypical social campaign, click here:“Non-stereotypical” Social Campaign

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